On November 25th 2016 I'll be running a small film festival. It'll be called "Digestible Culture" and will feature the work of Andrew Stewart, Jessie Hannam and Kalen Artinian. I'm hoping to turn this into an on-going series featuring new artists with each iteration.

Digestible Culture is a film festival that challenges three filmmakers to each repurpose and respond to found footage pulled from the depths of the web. 

The filmmakers are given 50+ video clips they have never seen before from all genres of film and television and have 30 days to reimagine then re-edit that material into a whole new 3-6min long film.

Filmmakers have been given source material from two specific decades. In the case of our first presentation, the videos selected come the 80’s & 90’s. 

What will the filmmakers craft? I have no idea! There are only 5 rules;

1. Each artist gets the same source material- An assortment of 50 videos pulled from the depths of the web.

2. Not all videos have to be used, but you cannot use only one video.

3. You may not acquire new footage by filming or photographing anything. You must only use the videos provided.

4. Films must be no longer than six minutes and no shorter than three minutes.

5. Titles are encouraged.


This film festival will be a night of laughs, beer, food, special brownies and a celebration of video art. 

Before the screening of the three films, the audience will watch a 30min selection of the raw, un-edited footage that the filmmakers were given and then an intermission for food and snacks. Afterwards we will have some words from the filmmakers, and watch their wonderful new creations!

There will be time afterwards for Q&A and hanging out.

Digestible Culture aims to get artists and audience members alike to re-think how we consume, distribute, contribute and create our modern western culture within a visual medium.

Hopefully, D.C. will also act as a spring board for new collaborations and ideas.