This is a new technique I'm playing around with. Visually I'm aiming to make the video look as if it's melting. I imagine the video acting as paint on a painter's palette, with a heat gun over top of it. Depending on the angle of the "heat gun" or the "palette" (read; video effect parameters) the video will shift, melt, freeze and create different patterns. I'm going to work more on this technique and evolve this style. Keep an eye out for more work like this.

I've lined this one up with a Bon Iver song because at 1am last night when I was working on this, I had the song on repeat and it's atmospheric nature seemed to fit somewhat well.

I don't really know as of yet how I'll apply this in my practice. I am thinking with a transparent background and a projector, this could be a great piece. Imagine watching this on the right background or texture... it could look like the video is melting off the screen or wall.

I found out that films/videos with stark lighting effects (ex. Film Noir) work best with this technique.

For now I'm simply enjoying the tactile feel this video has- almost like you could reach your hand into the drippiness of the frame, and pull out your hand to reveal some liquified Bella Lugosi on your finger.