On December 2nd, I'll be exhibiting at the Long Winter Festival at the Polish Combatants Hall in Toronto. Can't wait to participate again this year.

I've been working away at some slit scan video effects for my installation. This was a previous attempt, a study of sorts, so I could better understand what I wanted or didn't want in a video.

The installation I'll be presenting looks nothing like this. It's going to be an interactive piece.

Before I explain what the installation will be, here's a diagram of the general setup-

Diagram I drew for Long Winter 2016 handlers/admins/awesome team people

Diagram I drew for Long Winter 2016 handlers/admins/awesome team people

Basically, I want this installation to be at the entrance to the hall as a welcome of sorts to the attendees. It has three components;

1. Video Camera fed via USB into my laptop

2. JavaScript running in Processing on my laptop

3. Projector outputting a live video

As folks walk by the camera, their image will be put through a code that interprets the pixels from the camera sensor into whatever I want- in this case standard slit scan video.

Imagine one vertical line of pixels being "pulled" from the centre of the sensor, and "smeared" horizontally across a wall- like dipping a fresh paintbrush in multiple colours of paint and running it horizontally along a piece of paper.

I'm really into impressionism as a style right now, and I am thinking that this piece, if executed properly, should produce some impressionistic effects.

I'm hoping to create a video of the process behind the piece and include an example of the prototype, then post that up here next week.