Hello website world. It's been 7 months thus far that I've spent in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and theres a lot to share.

Adventures abound in Nova Scotia

Adventures abound in Nova Scotia


Currently I'm one of five artists-in-residence at ASAP where I've been using the space to help me craft and launch concepts for installations. I have a bunch of crap in my space there... old radios, toy keyboards, paints, collage materials... basically any time I need to get my head working on a new project I go and spend some time making things in this studio. As it's shared with five other artists, it makes for some great conversations and a laid back work environment. I've also been voted onto their board recently, which is an honour as the feeling that ASAP gives me when I'm in the studio is unlike so many other places I've worked out of. To have the chance to shape the future of ASAP in even a small manner is exciting to me.

One thing I've been working on is interactive projection mapping, which has many applications. From experiential marketing, to interesting set design and interactive video installations... I can't wait to see how far I can take this.

I also have had three of my latest video art projects featured in two festivals. You can check those out here-



Last but not least, I had the opportunity to curate and coordinate the 20th anniversary of the Gathering of The Arts festival in Antigonish. It took two months, but I was able to secure 12 venues to showcase 21 artist's work. I'm currently (very slowly) writing the final report for that.

Well, thats it for now. Onto finding the next contract and the next way to make the world a little prettier.